A tool to create Debian automatic installer USB key with preseed, partman recipe, syslinux and parted.
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Debian Auto Installer

A set of tools to create automated Debian Installation Key. I created this tools for my work. You can create bios, efi64 key but prepare file in the folder whitout creating key.

  • init.sh : script to create USB key
  • preseed : textfile that contain all instructions for Debian Installer
  • partman : partition recipe for preseed
  • syslinux/syslinux.cfg : Syslinux configuration file

Howto create usb key

  1. Plug your key
  2. Make sure yout key is not mounted
  3. Execute ./init.sh -d /dev/sdb (replace /dev/sdb with your device)
  4. Done!

Init.sh command line options

  • -a [amd64|i386] choose architecture for debian files (default amd64)
  • -b create key for bios boot architecture (default efi64)
  • -d device USB device like /dev/sdb

Be careful : if -d parameter is define then the relative peripheral will be erased

For now, this script doesn’t verify the state of your device (is mounted or not) but this is planned.


Prepare file in directory for efi system without writing an usb key for AMD64 arch.


Prepare an usb key (/dev/sdb) for bios / i386 architecture

./init.sh -a i386 -b -d /dev/sdb