A little powershell script for windows 7 | 8 | 8.1 thant remove all things relative to windows10 upgrade.
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A little powershell script to uninstall and hide some updates. I use it to remove unwanted Windows 10 upgrade. This is a really simple script just for my need, but I will propably improve it. This script needs Adminitrator’s rights.

There are two parts

  • launcher.cmd : a winbatch script to launch powershell one.
  • remove-kb.ps1 : the powershell script itself.

To add or remove uninstalled / hidden KB you nedd to modify $kbIDs variable.

Because I’m a Linux fan and this is my first try with powershell this script is really simple and could not work properly, burn your cat and cut your Little Pony head.


This script kill GWX executable, then remove some Scheduled Task about GWX program, uninstall some KB with wusa.exe and hide it to prevent automatic reinstallation.

For removing GWX files, you’ll need to modify $admingroup and $yes variables according to your system locale with adminitrator and Y for english system


  • Add privilege elevation error when the script is not launched with Administrator’s rights
  • Add the possibility to use arguments when calling the script (then ps script could be call from another script)
  • Remove KB2976978 update (Windows say that it’s a “Required” one…)
  • Remove GWX Files before uninstalling KB (check remove_gwx_file branch)
  • Update the windows update list to hide kb that aren’t yet listed
  • Speed up hide_update
  • Tell me


Do what you want and feel free to offer me a beer :D