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Debian Auto Installer

A set of tools to create automated Debian Installation Key. I created this tools
for my work. You can create bios, efi64 key but prepare file in the folder
whitout creating key.
* : script to create USB key
* preseed : textfile that contain all instructions for Debian Installer
* partman : partition recipe for preseed
* syslinux/syslinux.cfg : Syslinux configuration file

# Howto create usb key

1. Plug your key
2. Make sure yout key is not mounted
3. Execute ``./ -d /dev/sdb`` (replace /dev/sdb with your device)
4. Done!

# command line options

* ``-a [amd64|i386]`` choose architecture for debian files (default amd64)
* ``-b`` create key for bios boot architecture (default efi64)
* ``-d device`` USB device like /dev/sdb

Be careful : if ``-d`` parameter is define then the relative peripheral will
be erased

For now, this script doesn't verify the state of your device (is mounted or not)
but this is planned.

## Exemples

Prepare file in directory for efi system without writing an usb key for AMD64 arch.


Prepare an usb key (/dev/sdb) for bios / i386 architecture

./ -a i386 -b -d /dev/sdb