Yorick Barbanneau ephase

My desktop configuration (sway, mako, waybar)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Notes de cours et de TD mise en forme avec Markdown

Updated 3 weeks ago

My personnal blog repo - https://xieme-art.org

Updated 1 month ago

My zsh configurations files

Updated 1 month ago

A simple backup script in powershell

Updated 2 months ago

My tmux config

Updated 3 months ago

Fork of the Pelican version of Attila theme (https://github.com/arulrajnet/attila)

Updated 5 months ago

My fork of QMK_firmware to add my DZ60 keymap

Updated 7 months ago

A tool to create Debian automatic installer USB key with preseed, partman recipe, syslinux and parted.

Updated 7 months ago

Simple script to restore backuped application and data made with OandBackup

Updated 10 months ago

Script pour tester les codes retour des scripts écrits dans le cadre du Mooc bash ADSILL

Updated 11 months ago

A bash library to display formatted text with color on terminal.

Updated 11 months ago

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My vim configuration

Updated 1 year ago

Simple python script to export video for the web

Updated 1 year ago

Disable anti-privacy elements in Microsofts Windows 10

Updated 1 year ago