Yorick Barbanneau ephase

Updated 1 week ago

PowerShell 0 0

Disable anti-privacy elements in Microsofts Windows 10

Updated 2 weeks ago

A tool to create Debian automatic installer USB key with preseed, partman recipe, syslinux and parted.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Shell 0 0

Simple bash script for install dotfiles

Updated 3 weeks ago

A simple backup script in powershell

Updated 3 weeks ago

Python 0 1

My personnal blog repo - https://xieme-art.org

Updated 1 month ago

Shell 0 0

My zsh configurations files

Updated 1 month ago

TeX 0 0

My resume writed in LaTeX

Updated 3 months ago

Shell 0 0

My desktop configuration (sway, mako, waybar)

Updated 4 months ago

Fork of the Pelican version of Attila theme (https://github.com/arulrajnet/attila)

Updated 8 months ago

My tmux config

Updated 11 months ago

Vim script 0 0

My vim configuration

Updated 1 year ago

Notes de cours et de TD mise en forme avec Markdown

Updated 1 year ago

My fork of QMK_firmware to add my DZ60 keymap

Updated 1 year ago

Simple script to restore backuped application and data made with OandBackup

Updated 1 year ago