A bash library to display formatted text with color on terminal.
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BASH message display library

A simple library for display text (bold, underline, color) on screen. I use it for my script to make output more eye candy.

Quick example

#import library
source /message/message.sh

#call msg()
msg "green" "This is a **formated** message"

more function

This little library contain some helper function with pre-selected color. These function automaticaly add \n caracter at the end of the message.

  • error() : display message in red with ERROR: before the text.If variable EXIT_ON_ERROR equal 1, calling this function terminate the script with $ERROR_CODE
  • warning() : display message in yellow with WARNING: before the text
  • debu() : display message only if DEBUG variable contain 1, color is cyan and display DEBUG: before message


Do what you want and feel free to send me a message or offer me a beer if you come near Bordeaux - France.