Simple script to restore backuped application and data made with OandBackup
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Android Oandbackup restore script

A simple bash script to restore application backuped with OandBackup on a rooted Android Phone. This script can restore GPG encrypted backup.


to use this script, clone the repo :

git clone
cd oandbackup_restore
git submodule init && git submodule update


$ ./ [-d] [--dry-run] <folder>
  • -d : display debug messges
  • --dry-run: do nothing, just display actions.

To use this script, you must have a rooted phone with a custom recovery (Tested with TWRP).

  1. Activate develloper mode on your phone
  2. Authorize your PC for debug by running adb and accept the PC on your phone.
  3. launch the script with the folder containing backup as argument
  4. When the script finished to install applications, he will reboot the phone into recovery. When it’s done press space.
  5. When it’s done, reboot your phone.


This script is a first working version, tested with my own phone. Use it at your own risk.


Do what you want and feel free to send me a message or offer me a beer if you come near Bordeaux - France.